The purpose of our services is to make the acquisition of a furnished home as easy and flexible as possible. Through us you will get two levels of service, either just a furnished apartment or an apartment with all services.

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This type of dwelling can have a maximum of 3 inhabitants

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Single room 40 h

When you furnish your apartment it takes time to:

  • Pick and collect furniture (renting a van, visiting a furniture store, visiting home appliance store)
  • Furnishing
  • Interior decorating
  • Moving out

Furniture prices

In our experience, indicative price estimates for furniture of different size apartments are:

Single room 3000 €*

*price higher or lower depending on furniture, this price is calculated with Ikea standard furniture and low cost electronics

The traditional model requires a lot of partners:

  • Electric company
  • Internet connection
  • Furniture store
  • Hardware store
  • Cleaning services
  • Insurance company
  • Security company

Furent model has only one partner.

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Doing everything by yourself

Rent: - € / mo
Your price: - € / mo
Total: - € / mo

Immediate costs:



Just the furniture and furnishing

Rent: - € / mo
Service price: - € / mo
Total: - € / mo

Price for the contract duration

New & Style

Brand new furniture and furnishing

Rent: - € / mo
Service price: - € / mo
Total: - € / mo

Price for the contract duration


2Live – Living Services

All living expenses from one place

Service price: - € / mo


Sähkösopimus ja sähköä henkilömäärän mukaisesti, 3Kwh / hlö / kk

Internet access and wireless LAN

Cleaning and changing of linen every 4 weeks

24/7 on-call service

Security & door opening (first door opening is free, next door openings or security services according to price list)

This is how much you save compared to doing by yourself

Benefits of our service

One partner instead of several

Only one invoice

24 h duty

No loss, you pay only for use


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